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DSL Providers Deliver High-Speed Internet to Your New York Home

Are you tired of the slow dial-up Internet speeds, but don't have access to cable or fiber optic Internet service? DSL companies in your area can provide the connection you need. Learn more today about DSL companies in New York to find out how to upgrade your home Internet connection.

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What is DSL?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. DSL uses your existing connection to a local telephone network to deliver improved Internet access. Although DSL and dial-up service both rely on telephone wires and local networks for transmission, the services are not the same. DSL and telephone signals use different signal frequencies. This offers two benefits:

  • DSL's higher frequencies carry more bandwidth, which allows for better connection speeds
  • The different frequencies enable one phone line to transmit DSL and telephone signals simultaneously.

The fact that your telephone wires can transmit DSL and telephone signals at the same time means that you don't have to choose between talking on the phone and using the Internet. You also don't have to worry about an incoming phone call interrupting your service, which can take place with dial-up.

Like cable Internet, DSL service is considered an always-on connection because it doesn't require you to dial in to the network to access the Internet. Unfortunately, DSL is not quite as fast as cable. And the connection speeds, while faster than dial-up, diminish based on your home’s proximity to the Internet service provider’s hub. It may not be the best option in New York, but DSL offers a connection of a quality and reliability that is superior to that of dial-up.

A brief history of DSL Internet service

The DSL concept first emerged in the late 1970s. Its original purpose was simple – to transmit large amounts of data over existing telephone service infrastructures. DSL companies offered the first major broadband service in the United States and pioneered an industry that now accounts for about 70 percent of home Internet connections.

One of DSL’s pioneers, John Cioffi, had calculated that it was possible to transmit 1.5 megabytes per second over a 4-mile span of twisted-pair copper wire. In the late 1970s, this was considered far-fetched: Most of the industry was seeking technology that could transfer up to 192 kilobytes per second – nearly 8 times slower than what Cioffi predicted.

After years of developing and refining the technology, telecommunications companies made DSL available to some subscribers as early as the late 1980s. It wasn't available to a larger constituency until the late 1990s. And by the early to mid-2000s, the popularity of DSL increased dramatically. Today, millions of American homes rely on high-speed DSL connections for fast Web access.

Why pick DSL providers for New York, New York Web access?

DSL service providers over dial-up

DSL is a better option for customers with dial-up simply because it offers better connection speeds using your existing local telephone connection. DSL is available anywhere you can have a landline. On top of that, DSL doesn't require you to choose between phone service and Internet service. You can use the same line to browse the Web and use your telephone simultaneously.

Compare DSL service providers to cable

While cable doesn’t slow down if you don’t live near your Internet service provider, not all areas offer cable service. DSL is a great alternative for customers who want an always-on connection but live in an area where they can't get cable.

Why choose DSL over satellite Internet?

Because DSL Internet speeds aren't as strong if you live a long distance from your DSL provider's central hub, satellite Internet is a popular alternative. Within a certain radius, DSL service is faster than satellite Internet. Ask DSL providers in your area if you will suffer from reduced speeds as a result of a lack of proximity to their home offices.

Talk to DSL companies in New York

What more would you like to know about DSL service? If you're tired of slow connection speeds and want broadband access for your home, DSL is a popular choice. It provides an always-on connection, and it delivers speeds much faster than those of dial-up Internet.

If you can't get cable or fiber optic service and want to learn more about DSL companies in New York, today has never been a better time to discover your options. Call 1-888-573-6328 to speak with an Internet specialist about options available for your home.